On a recent episode of “Saturday Night Live,” Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock reenacted what most homes looked like as America watched Donald Trump win the presidential election a few weeks ago. As much as I would like to continue to gripe about the results, this particular skit went a little deeper than that.

In the skit, Chris rock and Dave Chappelle are watching the election results on election night with a few of their caucasian friends. The skit pokes fun at how surprised some people were to find out that America is indeed as racist as it proved to be during this election. Dave and Chris on the other hand are in the background laughing at their friends, because from personal experience, they seem to be the only ones expecting Donald to win, painfully aware that America has never not been racist. Dave and Chris find their friends’ naivety quite amusing. At one point in the skit, one caucasian woman (who earlier in the skit stated how historic it would be to have our first female president) asks:

“I don’t get it why are women even voting for [Trump]?

Chris Rock smiles and responds “Yeah, I don’t get you ladies, I mean, the country is 55% women, I mean if the country was 55% black, we’d have tons of black presidents. Flavor Flav would be president!”

And unfortunately he’s right. Think about it.  Almost half of (42%) college educated women voted for Trump. 51% of educated white women voted for Trump over Hillary, and a womping 62% of non-college educated white women voted for Trump.

What does this mean to me? It proves to me that of all the demographics that stick together, women are not one of them.

I’m not saying you should always identify with a demographic, but when Obama ran, blacks showed up and showed out for him. In 2008, 95 percent of black voters voted for Obama. That would make sense right? I’m sure having our first black president was important in so many ways for their demographic. How could they vote any other way? Let’s be real, regardless of the issues, McCain would have had to be God himself to get any black votes. How could they ignore the significance of a black man leading the free world? They couldn’t and they didn’t. It just meant too much to history to ignore.  

But when women have the chance to have our first women president, half of us voted for the guy who has made a career of objectifying women. It’s like hey ladies, who do you vote for, the woman who would become the biggest symbol of female power to date, or do you vote for the guy who thinks he has the right to  grab you by the pussy, just because you have one?

Source: Instagram 

Source: Instagram 

It’s like, can you imagine that when Obama was running, had he been running against an openly racist candidate...do you think the African American vote would have been split down the middle?! Do you think they would have voted for someone who says “[Black people] will let you do whatever you want as long as you’re famous” they way he singled out women.  And do you think they would vote for this fictitious candidate while a black candidate was running? Hell NO. Obama won 95% of the black vote in 2008 and McCain wasn’t even known to be a racist in any way.

Let me put it like this: half of the jokes I heard about Hillary blowing up the world during a mood swing,  came from other women! And that’s where the problem is. Sexism never steps into the spotlight as a real issue because so many women choose to partake in it, or ignore it.

Every business book I have ever read explains how networking is everything in business.Your network is your net worth. If you want to be successful, you can’t do it on your own, it’s just not possible. Success in our society takes the cooperation of many people. Dale Carnegie spent his life explaining how he knew nothing, except how to make other men eager to work with him. In fact, on his tombstone reads:  "Here lies one who knew how to get around him men who were cleverer than himself,” because even after death he wanted to give credit to the other men greater than himself who helped him get there.

Men seem to understand the value of each other’s power. When men want to get things done, they keep other great men around them. Men call on each other for help in accomplishing their goals.  Men big each other up, and unless provoked otherwise, usually see other great men as assets, not automatically as threats. .Men meet other great men and think: How can I make him my ally? Women meet a great woman and think “oh shit, there goes a threat, how do I neutralize it.”

Men make their friends their business partners, and invest in each other’s businesses. If you’ve ever read Napoleon Hill, he goes as far as to say that personal success can be reached if and only if, you help others reach their goals first. Men seem to know this. Men naturally seem to understand that if they’re there for a peer, one day their peer will be there for them. They trust in that.  That “boys club” I’m always talking about, exists only in the willingness of men to cooperate with other men. That’s where the power is.

My question is, Why the fuck don’t women understand that?

You have to help others to be successful. 

You have to help others to be successful. 

Women tend to be weary of each other. They love to call themselves “Tomboys” as little girls and love talking about how they are “not like other girls.” When meeting another great woman instead of thinking how she can be an asset or a friend, most women will see her as a competitor. A competitor for what? I have yet to figure that out, because we aren’t always in direct competition for me.  But we are always in competition with each other for something.


For example: my mother is constantly bugging me about settling down with someone successful. She can’t wait until I’m finally “stable”. Yet, to her knowledge I’m college educated, have a job, and have been on my own since college. But somehow I won’t stop worrying her until I can keep a man in my home.

What I’m saying is, I doubt there are fathers out there telling their sons “Hey, you better get yourself a rich woman because that’s the best chance you’ve got.”  Again: HELL NO. Little boys are taught to rely on themselves and go get what they want for themselves. A father prepares him for this.  Little girls are taught implicitly and a lot of the times explicitly, to play house, and  to look forward to the day she’ll find her prince charming.

And if we are taught that we need men, then we must be  less than men, so  why wouldn’t we regard other women as less important? That’s where it starts. Men become the prize, other women become our enemies. What a rigged fucking system, and we willingly subscribe to it!

There are so many invisible cues given to us by other women in this society that we are not good enough, that we must compete for the attention of men and that’s the best shot we’re going to have. When in fact, the only power men have over us is that they collectively believe in their superiority, and treat each other that way. Men don’t need to put us down, they just need to pull each other up.  

While we as women are in this pointless competition with each other; we are constantly divided. That’s why we don’t rule the damn world. Literally.



Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram